Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Virtual Visit from Paul Wouters

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Paul Wouters said...

dpdaction=restart is not undocumented. You are just reading an old version of the man page. My version has:

When a DPD enabled peer is declared dead, what action should be
taken. hold (default) means the eroute will be put into %hold
status, while clear means the eroute and SA with both be
cleared. dpdaction=clear is really only usefull on the server of
a Road Warrior config. The action restart is used on tunnels
that need to be permanently up, and have static IP addresses.

Also note that in openswan 2.4.8 there is a fix for dpdaction=restart. And AFAIK, openwrt hasnt put in 2.4.8 yet.
So restart might not always work on openwrt.

Joe said...

Thanks again Paul! I assumed I had the latest version of the man page because I installed the latest (stable?) version of the Debian package with apt-get. It is version 2.2.0-8.