Monday, January 08, 2007

How to Force ez-ipupdate to Touch Dyndns Record Every Month

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Anonymous said...

its work fine only if you update cron with:
1 0 1 * * rm -f /tmp/ez-ipupdate.cache
; /usr/sbin/ez-ipupdate -c /etc/ez-ipupdate.conf -i [your wan interface] > /tmp/ez-ipupdate-cron.log 2>&1

Anonymous said...

Hey I just started running into this same issue after switching from a custom DynDNS script that went haywire and started getting me banned. So your solution really helped! I customized it so I call my init.d script instead of the binary directly so I can keep all options in one place. Thanks!

Mark A. Ziesemer said...

By using this as-is - simply scheduled to run on the first day of every month - you may still get banned for "abusive updates". Assume that your IP was just updated on the 25th of a month. This solution will cause another update to be forced on the 1st with the same IP address, which does not match the required minimum of 25 days.