Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Disabling Password Authentication on Dropbear SSH Server in OpenWrt Running on WRT54G

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Anonymous said...

You can also leave telnetd running and replace the /bin/login script with a cross-compiled version of "tinylogin". This way you can simply leave the telnetd startup script along, copy or remove the /bin/login shell script, then make a symbolic link to tinylogin. Crosscompiling can be troublesome but I can say that tinylogin was one of the easiest programs to cross compile given the source files count. This may save some memory space since the telnetd app runs by default anyway even after you create a root password. If you would like a pre-compiled copy, reply to the comment and I will send it to you, I have a /base directory of binaries and sh scripts which I copy over to fresh installs of OpenWRT and have a setup sh script to create the cron jobs, sym links, motd, etc. I also compiled a mipsel usleep so I could specify micro-second sleeps when playing with the LEDs in scripts.